Sward - Robot Rush

SWARD is the next generation of Tower Defense Gameplay.

  • 12 different Towers to spice up your defense matrix.
  • 7 diffrent Enemies to challenge your strategy
  • Unique Abilities to react to diffrent battle-situations.
  • Control Time to fast forward or undo mistakes.
  • Beautiful handcrafted 3D World.
  • Lots of different and creative Playmodes.


Choose from 8 towers and 4 auras to create your perfect defense. Position them wisely to enable strong combos and synergys. Your skill to make the right decisions will decide about victory or defeat.


Encounter 7 diffrent enemy AI´s which will completly change the way you play a Tower Defense. Each of them will force you to adept your strategy, challenging you in unique ways.


Swap towers between two states to always have the most effective towers for each unique kind of threat. Build walls to maze the enemys and Upgrade towers and walls to reinforce and specialize them. "Adept and improve" is the key to success.


Take controll over time itself to enhance your Tower Defense experience. No more waiting until your towers wiped out an easy wave. No more restarts, because you made a mistake. Time is on your side.


Experience a unique and mysterious 3D world. Learn about the fate of this universe. Unveil the dark secret which Defenders and attackers both share.


Explore the storyline through Campaign mode or tackle our unique Challenge Modes, each of which introduce innovative twists on traditional Tower Defence gameplay.

SWARD is currently in early alpha stage and we are working hard to get it ready to show! The core mechanics are done and art asset creation is well underway. Our first internal playtests proved that we are on the right track and we literally can´t wait to raise the curtain and give it to the public.

Soon we want to open up the development, keep you updated on our social media channels and get the first playable demos where they belong! In the hands of you, the Players!

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